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Pet Memorial Program July 2008 

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If your Pet appears on this page and you wish to send a story and/or a photo, send an email to  with photo attached and the story in the body of the email. Be sure to include the Pet's Family & Pet Name & Month/Year & Name of Donor so we can link the story and picture correctly.  You can also submit your story using our NEW Pet Memorial Web site. To make a donation in the name of a Pet, please visit the NEW Pet Memorial Web site

Butch T. Cougar Uga VI University of Georgia Clinic
Phil and Shawn L. Kody Apple Tree Cove Animal Hospital
Marlene P. Bismarck Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital
Amy S. & Colleen H. Hooch Apple Tree Cove Animal Hospital
Rhonda F. Gina & Peggy Companion Veterinary Hospital
Annette O. Tiffany Burien Veterinary Hospital
Sharon A. Molly Elizabeth  
Richard L. Tucson  
Julie and Terry O. Chico  
Michelle D. Hannah  
Wayne and Patty H. Walaferd  
Bill and Mary Jo H. Sweetie  
Jennifer and Troy P. Leroy  
Marion P. Cara Elliot Bay Animal Hospital
Bill and Heather F. Leroy  
Penelope W. Sumi & Kallie  
Michelle T. Buddy  
Janice C. Emily  
Ted J. Tom Riverview Animal Clinic
Allison C. Buddy  
Jack S. Happy St. Clair Sally  
Bob B. Stewart  
Jan T. Ranger
Terry G. Blue Queen Anne Animal Clinic

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