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"Grief is the Price of Loving"

Dr. Leo K. Bustad

Pet owners are very special people who value the joy, protection and companionship that a pet offers. They consider pets to be members of the family and they understand the responsibilities and the love involved in pet are. The Washington State University College of Veterinary Medicine recognizes what veterinarians have always known - people love their pets.

The Pet Memorial Program provides a way for friends and family to express sympathy and comfort for grieving pet owners. Through private support, the Pet memorial Program is designed to aid veterinarians in the identification of diseases and disorders that affect animal health. It also provides support for veterinary medical education. Contributors to the Pet Memorial Program include pet owners and their families and friends who wish to make a gift in the name of a beloved pet. This is a meaningful way to remember a companion. The program assists in developing improved methods for relieving animal suffering and improving the health of all animals.

By leaving a bequest to the Pet memorial Program in memory of their special companion, owners support the enhancement of animal health and veterinary medicine in perpetuity.

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Veterinarians, pet owners, and friends of pet owners have found that the Pet Memorial Program is an excellent way to:
  • Show how much you care
  • Express sympathy over the loss of a beloved companion
  • Memorialize a dearly loved pet
  • Veterinarians have taken an oath to protect animal health, relieve animal suffering and advance veterinary medical knowledge. Participation in the Pet Memorial Program at WSU is one of the many ways veterinarian fulfill this oath every day of their professional careers.

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