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Pet Memorial Program April 2008 

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If you received a letter that your pet has been memorialized and you wish to send a story and/or a photo, send an email to  with photo attached and the story in the body of the email. Be sure to include the Pet's Family & Pet Name & Month/Year so we can link the story and picture correctly. To make a donation in the name of a Pet, please click the "I Want to Give" link at the upper left.

Eva G. Max WSU Veterinary Hospital
Erik and Sara M. Charley  
Carole F. Gershwin Queen Anne Animal Clinic
Julie C. Bree Riverview Animal Clinic
Leslie M. Gypsy Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Pam G. Christty Amherst Animal Hospital
Lori W. Sydney and Michael  
Bob and Lori M. Co-Co VCA Animal Medical Center
Carol L. Mio  
Renee P. Cody  
Marjory M. Chn, Yeow, Mac, Kit, Zul, Mischa, Samantha, Little Mother, Frisky, Sweetie, Cal  
Louise S. Sam Valley Veterinary Clinic
Amanda and Jerry O. Maggie Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
Karen D. Bailey  
Lynda M. Smokey Feline Medical Clinic
Kelly and Jeff P. Buster T.L.C
Nancy H. Cleopatra  
Mary and Terry B. Sammy  
Roger and Bes V. Buster and Buddy  
Barbara and Martii M. Shelbe Alpine Animal Hospital
Joanne and Dallas L. Moto Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
Ron and Anne O. Harry  
Barb H. Tucker Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital
Deborah P. Rudi Green Lake Animal Hospital
Janel and Ian M. Owen  

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