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Pet Memorial Program February 2008 

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If your Pet appears on this page and you wish to send a story and/or a photo, send an email to  with photo attached and the story in the body of the email. Be sure to include the Pet's Family & Pet Name & Month/Year as it appears on this page so we can link the story and picture correctly. To make a donation in the name of a Pet, please click the "I Want to Give" blue circle above.

The Robison Family Titus VCA Animal Medical Center
The Golladay Family Allie VCA Animal Medical Center
The Robinson Family Lexus VCA Animal Medical Center
The Williamson Family Reba VCA Animal Medical Center
Karen G. Jennie VCA Tri City Animal Hospital
Renee B. Mouffy Companion Veterinary Hospital
Sue C. Tucker Companion Veterinary Hospital
Tina P. Kashmir Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
Dennis and Mary W. Rusty Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic
Russell and Kathy G. Ginger Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic
Nydie A. Scootie Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic
Cindy B. and Wade J. Madison Williams Veterinary Service
Mike H. Sophie Williams Veterinary Service
Shannon and John K. Morton Alpine Animal Hospital
Dahlia T. Maggie Alpine Animal Hospital
Sandy P. Duke Morgan Veterinary Clinic
Kay F. Maddy VCA Crown Hill Animal Hospital
Ron and Terry R. Guy Bear Paw Veterinary Service
The Larsen Family Rose North End Pet Hospital
Gretchen S. Emma North End Pet Hospital
Marci J. Choco North End Pet Hospital
Todd and Elizabeth D. Ranger Amherst Animal Hospital
Dr. Darice and Joe H. Bruno Amherst Animal Hospital
Ken and Julie O. Sheba Haigh Veterinary Clinic
The Phipps and Bigley Family Bo Haigh Veterinary Clinic
The Shrum Family Molly's Puppy Haigh Veterinary Clinic
The Allen Family Simon Haigh Veterinary Clinic
Diane M. Tiger Haigh Veterinary Clinic
Teri Lynn K. Bue Haigh Veterinary Clinic
The Gould Famly Thumbelina All West Veterinary Hospital
Rick and Kate W. Kalie All West Veterinary Hospital
Faith G. Lily All West Veterinary Hospital
Mark P. Poco All West Veterinary Hospital
The Kastner Family Elisabeth Redwood Animal Hospital
Brett and Lisa W. Amber Redwood Animal Hospital
Tom and Lydia O. Niki Redwood Animal Hospital
Hary and Emily P. Missy Redwood Animal Hospital
J. Mon and Brenda N. Kuroi Redwood Animal Hospital
Kathryn and Marcus H. Tasha Redwood Animal Hospital
The Sibert Family Bouncer Redwood Animal Hospital
Mary S. and Perry S. Maggie Redwood Animal Hospital
The Nelson Family Duncan Redwood Animal Hospital
Peter and Karie G. Bo Redwood Animal Hospital
Debbie and Barry R. Stinky Queen Anne Animal Clinic
Victoria J. Louis Queen Anne Animal Clinic
Jan H. Sizi Queen Anne Animal Clinic
Wendy and Patrick N. Zebu Queen Anne Animal Clinic
Renee C. D.O.G. Queen Anne Animal Clinic
Megan and Mark M. Dutchess Queen Anne Animal Clinic
Wes M. Benjamin Queen Anne Animal Clinic
Kim R. Ada Queen Anne Animal Clinic
The Norman Family Agnes Crestwood Animal Hospital
The Kingsbury Family Duchess Crestwood Animal Hospital
Kari S. Purrjah Crestwood Animal Hospital
Aiko N. LB Crestwood Animal Hospital
The Hess Family Sam Crestwood Animal Hospital
The Osborn Family B.B. King Crestwood Animal Hospital
The Booth Family Keiko Crestwood Animal Hospital
Marcly C. Harry Crestwood Animal Hospital
Nora H. Cocoa Crestwood Animal Hospital
Janet G. Harley Crestwood Animal Hospital
The Pete Family Sneaky Pete Crestwood Animal Hospital
The Miller Family Cody Crestwood Animal Hospital
Heather S. Possum Crestwood Animal Hospital
Ron H. Sam Crestwood Animal Hospital
The Hamel Family Brandy Crestwood Animal Hospital
Ken R. Abby Crestwood Animal Hospital
Suzanne L. Kobe Crestwood Animal Hospital
Bob D. Coco Crestwood Animal Hospital
James D. Bandit Crestwood Animal Hospital
The Noce Family Nicki Dr. Hucke
Jim and Diane S. Buster Dr. Hucke
Ron and Cherrie S. Lilli Dr. Hucke
David B. Tara Dr. Hucke
The Gilmer Family Evinrude Dr. Hucke
Ernest and Claudine R. Cookie Dr. Hucke
The Zuckerman Family Canela Dr. Hucke
The Reiner Family Taffy Dr. Hucke
Diane F. Misty Dr. Hucke
The DaVersa Family Otis Dr. Hucke
Raphael and Tamara R. Gingy Dr. Hucke
The Schloss Family Xena Dr. Hucke
Joanne F. Sgt. Barney and Yawnie Dr. Hucke
Emmalee A. and Julia S. Zippy Elliott Bay Animal Hospital
Karen T. Baker Elliott Bay Animal Hospital
Diane R. Sonny Elliott Bay Animal Hospital
Heidi H. Masie Elliott Bay Animal Hospital
Mike and Karrie C. WIley Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Virginia M. Timber Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Heidi A. Jesse Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Norma H. Bob Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Frank M. Boomer Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Alex J. TJ Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Carol H. Thor Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Janet W. Harley Boy Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Rhonda J. Joe Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Karen E. Coy Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Dawn S. Smokey Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Judith L. Silver Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Regina T. Misty Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Terry J. Pepper Cheney Veterinary Clinic
Carol and John L. Yoshi Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
The DeBoer Family Yelly Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Marnie M. Daisy Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Marylynn F. Midget Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Charlie and Lisa A. Bronte Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Leann and Marty C. Bogey Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Debbie W. Precious Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Evelyn K. Shalamar Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Marlene and Doyle M. Dewey Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Kelly P. Chatz Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Paul and Tami N. Gizmo Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Patty and Christine M. Ditto Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Donna S. Thelma Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Tom D. Buck Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Bobbie J. Tippy Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
KC C. Lucy Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Sue M. Medea Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Cookie and Hal P. Pepe Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Hugh F. Daffy Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Dennis and Loretta H. Bucky Chuckanut Valley Veterinary Clinic
Rick and Petra S. Samantha Veterinary House Call Service
Jim and Debbie K. Benny Veterinary House Call Service
Jeannie and Gary P. Mufasa Veterinary House Call Service
The Carter Family Gunther Veterinary House Call Service
Christy and Joe S. Maggie Veterinary House Call Service
Jeannie D. Tiva Veterinary House Call Service
J.D. Lips Max Veterinary House Call Service
The Lima Family Taz Veterinary House Call Service
The Amato Family Coco Veterinary House Call Service
Georgia B. and Doug D. Shadow Veterinary House Call Service
The Huseher Family Sydney Veterinary House Call Service
Kim and Ken C. Kitty Baby Veterinary House Call Service
The Nielson Family Cupcake VCA Crown Hill Animal Hospital
The Steffen Family Whisper VCA Crown Hill Animal Hospital
Anthony and Charlotte M. Max VCA Crown Hill Animal Hospital
Tim T. Missy Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Jim S. Misty Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Carolyn B. Bob and Garfunkel Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Kelly and Robert S. Missy Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Irene L. Penny Yakima Veterinary Clinic
David and Kathy E. Keiko Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Susie M. Maggie Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Timm and Sarah W. Barney Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Charlotte S. Baxter Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Tom and Sarah V. Chico Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Alan and Peggy A. Sunshine Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Brad and Barbara B. Tai Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Brian C. Smokey Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Lisa A. Lucy Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Nancy and Ray T. Spook Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Robert T. Dip Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Deb H. Edgar Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Ghym and Michelle W. Bear Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Dr. Thomas and Karen M. Roman Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Nancy D. Ace Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Carl and Veta C. Gussie Yakima Veterinary Clinic
David and Kathy E. Bud Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Carol L. Peachy Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Don and Julie K. Noot Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Ron and Nancy M. Rita Yakima Veterinary Clinic
The Low Family Maggie Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Melvin and Mary W. Kitty Cat Yakima Veterinary Clinic
George and Susan F. Thunder Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Jennifer and Jason R. Sesi Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Ryan and Heidi C. Sammie Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Pam B. Brigitte Bardo Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Nancy K. Rocky Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Betty M. Peaches Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Sue and Frank M. Gigi Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Sharon U. Pouncer Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Pauline and Dave S. Sadie Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Pat and Mel H. Lady Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Randy and Lydia H. Lucky Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Eric and Cynthia B. Max Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Eddie and Carrie B. Sisco Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Jennifer M. Bubba Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Shelly and Ray W. Lucky Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Robyn H. Trooper Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Eric and DeAnna C. Duke Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Jerry and Debbie R. Maltie Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Rosemary and David S. Rusty Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Alena and Dave W. Bugsy Yakima Veterinary Clinic
Teri L. and Christopher H. Buddy Companion Veterinary Hospital
The Durgan Family Bailey Wandermere Veterinary Hospital
Robert and Linda C. Maggie Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic
Roy and Kim V. Hayley Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic
Rafael and Ginette V. Shamu VCA Animal Medical Center
The Thomas Family Buddy VCA Animal Medical Center
The Knodel Family Sammie VCA Animal Medical Center
The Milton Family Sasha VCA Animal Medical Center
The Golding Family Buzz VCA Animal Medical Center
Kelly O. Chloee East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Randi P. Showbi East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Helene and Des C. Shokkolah East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Myra and William F. Angel East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Nick P. Pompei East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
John and Lisa R. Gus East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Tammy B. Penny East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Linda and Odell H. Trilian East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Sue and Jerry S. Charm East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Linda R. Lucky East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Elizabeth and Jackson W. Candy Carol C. and Todd L.
Cliff S. Koda Cascade East Animal Clinic
Sandi K. Calli Cascade East Animal Clinic
Bob B. Mert Cascade East Animal Clinic
Greg and Lisa T. Precious Cascade East Animal Clinic
The Boudreau Family Emma Ocean Beach Animal Hospital
Lori B. Tug Ocean Beach Animal Hospital
LeRoy and Josie B. Pearl Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
Shirley K. Sweetie Pie Elliott Bay Animal Hospital
Mike and Donna A. Mindy Elliott Bay Animal Hospital
Teresa and Tom M. Maddie Elliott Bay Animal Hospital
Kathy L. Mini Elliott Bay Animal Hospital
Vaden N. and Ron R. Buddy Baxter Sunset Pet Hospital
Ann and James G. Rudy Lee Frontier Village Veterinary Clinic
Mark and Barb S. Tatush Frontier Village Veterinary Clinic
Bruce D. Aspen Mountain Empire Veterinary Service
Joy R. Pete and Laces Mountain Empire Veterinary Service
Cathy and Patrick D. Bean Mountain Empire Veterinary Service
Mary S. Szarik Williams Veterinary Service
Sara W. and Sheila B. Maggie Companion Veterinary Hospital
Nora B. Tinker Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas
Marie M. Lily May Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas
Phyllis D. Scooter Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas
Gail F. Charlie Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas
David B. Tara Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas
Lisa and James A. Harwood Pet Medical Center of Las Vegas
Micah W. Poohder Deschutes Animal Clinic
Kelly K. Alex Deschutes Animal Clinic
Peggy W. Bosco Deschutes Animal Clinic
Emma O. Zap Deschutes Animal Clinic
Diane and Gina G. Cookie Deschutes Animal Clinic
The Searles Family Kaija Deschutes Animal Clinic
The Toney Family Taffy Deschutes Animal Clinic
Martha T. Max Deschutes Animal Clinic
The Olson Family Skippy Deschutes Animal Clinic
The Tyler Family Sampson Deschutes Animal Clinic
The Anderson Family Blue Deschutes Animal Clinic
The Moran Family Suzie Q Deschutes Animal Clinic
Lisa M. and Debbie D. Gracie Companion Animal Hospital
The Harrison Family Kokanee Pioneer Veterinary Clinic
Paul L. Tasha Pioneer Veterinary Clinic
The Wilson Family Hank Pioneer Veterinary Clinic
The Pulis Family Ashley Pioneer Veterinary Clinic
Ty and Theresa B. Maggie Vista Veterinary Hospital
Dan and Terri S. Kira Vista Veterinary Hospital
Michael and Autumn H. Max Vista Veterinary Hospital
Lisa and Scott M. Duke Vista Veterinary Hospital
Michael and Joann K. Pepe Vista Veterinary Hospital
Vicky M. Dinkers Vista Veterinary Hospital
Joe and Lanae L. T.C. Vista Veterinary Hospital
Tim and Paula F. Samey Vista Veterinary Hospital
Russell F. Skitzo Vista Veterinary Hospital
Francie J. and John R. Oliver Vista Veterinary Hospital
The Weiher Family Maggie Vista Veterinary Hospital
Tracey M. Jake Vista Veterinary Hospital
Mary H. Duke Vista Veterinary Hospital
The Killard Family Aretha Vista Veterinary Hospital
John and Delorie N. WITH Vista Veterinary Hospital
Mike and John T. Butch Vista Veterinary Hospital
Michael and Petra R. Annie Vista Veterinary Hospital
Reba D. Molly Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic
Rayanne R. Zach Anaheim Hills Pet Clinic
The Kirchhoff Family Nikkie All West Veterinary Hospital
Joe G. Roan All West Veterinary Hospital
Gene and Vickie S. T All West Veterinary Hospital
Sabrina M. Treasure All West Veterinary Hospital
Lois B. Vinny South Valley Animal Hospital
Tammy M. Snoop South Valley Animal Hospital
Pat D. Bo South Valley Animal Hospital
Jim E. Luce Anaken South Valley Animal Hospital
Ken Rojean G. Missy Riverview Animal Clinic
The Elben Family Winston Riverview Animal Clinic
Fred and Dorothy F. Spooky Riverview Animal Clinic
The Marsh Family Murphy Riverview Animal Clinic
Dave and Theresa W. Maggie Riverview Animal Clinic
The Stucker Family Remmi Riverview Animal Clinic
The Goodall Family Harriet Riverview Animal Clinic
Harold and Lois H. Eve Riverview Animal Clinic
Betsy and Tim B. Cocoa Village Veterinary Hospital
The Locke Family Sadie Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
Gex and Maddie M. Joe East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
The Hibbard Fmaily Petrie East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Ruth R. Budie East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Alice K. Raja East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Randy and Patti H. Bear East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Dora and Brent T. Smokey East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Kelley B. Rocket East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Joyce and Greg E. Pouncer East Mill Plain Animal Hospital
Yvonne and Rodzrick S. Coolico Williams Veterinary Service
Linda M. Mookie Williams Veterinary Service
Steven Y. and Jerrene M. Priscella Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
The Hardin and Powell Family Dixie Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
Gina G. Cookie Deschutes Animal Clinic
Vickie H. Manny Burien Veterinary Hospital
Kathie D. K.D. Companion Animal Hospital
Jason N. Chase Susan J.
Andrew S. Ashley  
Lisa and Anthony L. Manzie Stuart Animal Hospital
Stella M. and Melody R. Max Feline Medical Clinic
The Sutton Family Bear Animal World Veterinary Clinic and WSU Veterinary Hospital
Don S. and Laurie F. Benny VCA Tri City Animal Hospital
Sheri F. and Don C. Swizzle Mountain View Veterinary Hospital
The McGriff Family Hamlet Sunset Pet Hospital
Debby W. Wiggy Shirley G.
Idalee V. Screwball and Firedog Burien Veterinary Hospital
Vanessa S. Oscar Feline Medical Clinic

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