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Animal Health Library Renovations: July 12, 2009 UPDATE

Hi guys!

Thanks again to everyone who donated to the "Endow a Chair (or maybe a table) Program" to help save and remake our VetMed (Animal Health) library. I think I sent every donor a personal note, but now want to give you all (even those who haven't donated yet) an update on how much we were able to raise, what's been done, and what is still in the works.

Don't worry; I am NOT writing to solicit more money.

First, thanks to many generous donors, we raised approximately $15,000! To be honest, it was more than I initially expected. The only downside is that we've learned the hard way this won't purchase as much institutional furniture as I had hoped. Still, it has and WILL make a very significant difference. I've listed some examples below.
We've also created a web page where you can view some of the changes (before, during and after). BIG improvements in the form of a modified floor plan and new furniture for the two most heavily used areas are planned for next month, so be sure to check back later:
  • Computer monitors: 6 X flat screen, 22 inch NEC monitors were purchased to replace the monstrous "clunkers" previously located in the AHL. By reconfiguring the work stations (moving the computers to the floor, eliminating a few stations, wrapping wires, etc.), we've created more space and a much more "work friendly" environment for our students. A few more old monitors need to be retired, but this has made a huge difference!
  • Painting: Suddenly, the library no longer invokes the 1970's! With help from a rogue group of "pirate" vet students, one of the hideous yellow walls and two columns were painted a very distinguished crimson color. Don't worry; it's not as bright as it seems in some of the web page photos! Dean Slinker matched the effort in a less "piraty" way by arranging to get the remaining yellow wall painted a professional beige-"ish" color. We're probably stuck with that bright yellow circulation desk for some time, but the difference is already palpable.
  • A Group Study Room has been created - complete with a conference table, whiteboard, DVD player and monitor (old but quite functional), and networked computer (ditto).
  • Donor Plaque: A "Friends of the Animal Health Library" plaque was hung in a prominent place directly behind the circulation desk. Each of the many plates on the plaque features the name and class of those who donated $250 or more (and yes, Keith, Michele's name is spelled correctly!). See the web page for a peek.
  • Furniture - Part 1: Two new wood conference/study tables were purchased with the help of a challenge grant from my department chair Dr. David Prieur. The challenge was met by SCAVMA. We also scrounged a few pieces of more modern furniture from other parts of campus - notably 3 very useful and popular round tables from the old Bookie.
  • Furniture - Part 2: Even better, we have spent the last few months working with some interior design folks to create a new floor plan and pick out some brand new furniture. Although we had originally hoped to replace much more of the old library furnishings, this will make a very notable difference. Our goal is to have a very different space ready for our students when they return in August. We are days away from ordering 2 love seats, 8 comfy chairs (with and without tablet arms), 1 new conference table for the Group Study room, 2 square study tables that can be pushed together as needed to make a larger table, and 6 end tables.
  • Rotating Art: In our efforts to make the AHL a more attractive space to work and study, we've begun a series of rotating art exhibits in the AHL. You can see some examples and links on the web page. January - May featured the animal paintings of Gudrun Gunther, WSU DVM Class of 2009. The exhibit was topped off with a "Meet the Artist" celebration in April. The current display, which will continue until the end of the year, features original paintings by Norma Duppler, the late mother of one of our current 3rd year students. Future plans include a January to May 2010 show of spectacular wildlife photos by another 3rd year student. We hope art exhibits in the AHL will become a tradition by which we can showcase the artistic talents of our CVM and DVM communities. Please let us know if you have suggestions.
  • WSU DVM Class of 2011: The class presented us with a Thank You card signed by all the members of the class to express their appreciation for our efforts to remake the AHL. We were asked to pass those thanks on to you, who made the changes possible.
I hope you are pleased with our work thus far and with the way your donation to the AHL is being used. Please let me know if you have questions or concerns; or (509)335-6069. For what it's worth, I consider it a personal pact between you and me that your contributions will be utilized in ways that benefit our students. This is what I promised when I first reached out to you, and I plan to honor your trust.
With affection and respect,

Stephen Hines, DVM, PhD, DACVP
Professor of Vet. Microbiology & Pathology
Berger Keatts Distinguished Professor (Excellence in Teaching)

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