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Dr. Steve HinesHi guys!  Remember me?  It's been a long time since I've seen or spoken with most of you – but I hope you're well.

I've begun to contact former students in each class I've taught at WSU.  I'm hoping that at least some of you will be willing and able to help with an issue I think important.  As you might guess, it has to do with teaching and veterinary students – the passions of my professional life.

This past summer (2008), the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine staved off a movement to close the Vet Med (Health Sciences) library. 

Several people worked hard to prevent this – because of the detrimental effects it would have on our program and our students.  The branch closure movement reflects increasing financial pressures on university libraries and the changing role of libraries in general in an increasingly digital world.  It is not unique to WSU. 

Our dean at the time, Warwick Bayly, stepped in and gained us at least a three year reprieve.  Dean (now Provost) Bayly and Dean Bryan Slinker believe, like me, that the college needs a viable library, that our students and faculty need a professional librarian's support, and that our students need a clean, open, comfortable, and modern place to study and interact.

As part of the deal to keep our library open, it will be reduced in size.  However, we have also begun to re-create it as a more student-centered, study-friendly space.  We are selectively moving out many seldom used scientific journals and old textbooks to create space for tables and chairs, comfortable sofas, and modern workspaces.  The heavily used reserve section will be preserved, and we've set aside a student group study room with whiteboard, DVD player and computer.  The BCU media collection that so many of you used has been converted to DVD format and moved to the library where it will be accessible for more hours.

Here's where you come in. 

Even as we're creating space for our students, we don't have the furniture to fill it.  The college has already invested heavily to keep the library open, but can't afford much more (especially now that the financial crisis has hit the state and university so hard.)  You can see where I'm going …

So, for the first time in my career, I am reaching out to a group of my former students and friends – people I think I knew best or somehow connected with best – and asking for some financial support. 

With the college's consent, I've started a program I've called the "Endow a Chair (or maybe a table) Campaign."

Many of you are now in a position to make a significant donation, and all are able to donate something.  Likewise, your practice may be able to donate or to match your personal donation. The funds raised will be used exclusively to make our library (recently renamed the "Animal Health Library") a better place for our DVM students, aka your future colleagues.  Your contributions will be used ONLY to purchase chairs, tables, perhaps some comfy study seating or a flat screen monitor, etc. for use by our student body.

For anyone who donates enough to purchase a significant piece of furniture, we will affix a small plaque that reads, "Donated by Dr. __________, Class of ____."  Likewise we will start a wall plaque entitled "Friends of the Animal Health Library" and add an engraved nameplate honoring anyone who donates $250 or more.  We're hoping that as our new student-centered library space takes shape, you will want to stop by and see it – and maybe see your name or your clinic's name on what you provided.

We also invite contributions from classes or groups of friends within a class.  We could have some fun with plaques and nameplates on those!  How about "Donated by the Back Row, Class of 1996"?!!

Please think about this.  Regardless of whether you're able to donate or not, please think also about contacting me via email or phone. I'd like to hear from each of you and to know "How it all turned out".  Also feel free to spread the word to friends, classmates and other alumni.

If you are using the WSU CVM web site to view this message, you can click on the "Giving Opportunities" link to see how to make a donation.    Please designate any contributions to my small account "The Creativity in Teaching Fund – Library fund".

Please rest assured that I will make sure every gift goes to THIS designated cause – to help our students.  You have my word.

With affection and respect – your old Sys Path professor,  

Stephen ("Steve") A. Hines, DVM, PhD
Berger Keatts Distinguished (can you believe it?) Professor - for excellence in teaching
Phone: 509-335-6069

Originally written: November, 2008
Updated:  February, 2009

To make a gift by mail:
Please make check payable to the WSU Foundation and send to:

Lynne Haley
PO Box 647010
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164-7010

For questions about giving, contact Lynne Haley,
Director of Development,
at (509) 335-5021 or


Friends of the Library  (as of 1/27/09)

David & Eddylee Scott
Dr. Polly Peterson
Dr. Nancy Merrill
Dr. Joann Young
The Cat Clinic of Dover
Dr. Michael Ontivers
Dr. Kevin Malakooti
Dr. Amy Rossi
Dr. Jeremiah Nelson
Dr. Benjamin Rizor
Dr. Shuna Klaveness
Dr. Marlin Geist
Dr. John Benson
Dr. Betsy Charles
Dr. Michael Wong
Dr. Keith Bartholomew
Dr. Michele Winder Bartholomew
Drs. Robert & Becky Moody
Dr. Brad Scheuch
Dr. Lisa LaFranco Scheuch
Dr. Marie Duffy Robinson
Dr. Howard Robinson
Dr. Jeff Cook
Dr. Julie Vergette Cook
Dr. Kirk Winger
Dr. Summer Winger
Dr. Doris Sievers
Dr. Brent Race
Dr. Rachel Pollard
Dr. Michael Ontivers
Dr. Leah Rainwater Hennings
Dr. Nova Lotus Habersetzer

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