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IPN Moves from Lowest to Highest Level
The College of Veterinary Medicine/IPN
receive safety recognition for 2007

The College of Veterinary Medicine/Department of IPN was given the 2007 Safety Committee Award of Excellence for their performance during the 2007 calendar year.

In part, the college/department conducted an emergency evacuation drill in McCoy and Wegner Hall in May of 2007.  This involved the evacuation of over 100 staff and faculty from several different departments in the Veterinary and Pharmacy College as well as the Health Sciences Library.  This was the first scheduled alarm evacuation drill in that area in several years.  In the process, the flow of employee evacuation and the building and communications between different areas has been improved.

The water in McCoy hall was deemed non-potable.  All fountains, except one, have been dismantled in McCoy and "non-potable" signage has been placed on the water outlets.  A potable water line was run to the water fountain across from the Pratt Lounge and is functioning for the building.  In other CVM buildings, lines were traced and potable water has been plumbed into appropriate areas (Bustad second floor, staff break room).  Non-potable water signage was also posted on water outlets in all classrooms and labs throughout the Veterinary and Pharmacy College buildings.

The IPN department, also added improvements to ADA issues in Wegner Hall (doors, ramps and parking), fire alarms to McCoy Hall, and the Wegner Hall ducts were cleaned to help eliminate some health concerns for employees in that building.

Much of the credit in the IPN department for identifying these deficiencies and working to rectify them go to the department safety committee and to Becky Morton for her leg work in recognizing and organizing solutions. 

According to Becky, "In 2006 we were at the lowest level, and now in 2007 we moved to the highest level (for safety concerns). That was one of my goals; to bring IPN to a better place on safety issues.  Now we need to maintain that level."

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