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Thank you for choosing Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital for your pet's medical needs. We hope that the following information will help make your visit as beneficial and pleasant as possible.

Before Your Appointment

Unless directed otherwise, do not feed your pet after 10:00pm the night before your appointment. Providing water throughout the evening and even the morning of the appointment is okay. Please bring any radiographs and other important records from your pet’s previous veterinary care to the appointment.
Please complete, print, and bring this form

Getting to Pullman

If you have internet access, you can visit our websites for maps and driving instructions. The addresses are: and .   Otherwise, please contact us (509-335-0711) and we will be happy to send you maps of Pullman and the WSU campus.  RV Parking is not allowed at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  This includes horse trailers with living quarters.  If you have a RV and would like to stay in it while your pet is with us, please contact Pullman Parks and Recreation (509-338-3227) or WSU Parking (509-335-PARK).


Arriving at the Veterinary Hospital

There is a client parking lot sign-in sheet located at the front desk. To avoid a parking ticket you should enter your name, license plate number, and the make and model of your car on the sheet. You will only need to sign in once for free all-day parking.

For the protection of your pet and the safety of others please keep your pet in your control, by either keeping it in a sturdy transport carrier or on a leash. If children accompany you, please be aware that other animals in the lobby may act aggressively toward your family members and pets if these animals are approached. Children should be closely supervised and always use caution when interacting with unfamiliar animals.

Your Appointment

After, checking in with front desk, a senior veterinary student or veterinary technician will most likely meet you. They will often discuss your pet’s medical history and perform an initial physical examination. After that you will meet with one of our staff doctors. As our hospital strives for complete and thorough care for your pet, this sometimes takes time. In some instances, especially for more complex medical evaluations, you may need to spend several hours at the hospital for the initial and possibly subsequent appointments. Depending on the reason that your animal is presented to us, you should also plan on spending one or more overnight stays in the area. A better idea of the length of your stay is often able to be determined following initial assessments by the hospital team. For your convenience, the following local hotels  may offer discounts to our clients, dependent upon availability:

Cougar Guest House 509-368-7132
Cougar Land Motel 509-334-3535
Hilltop Inn509-332-0928
Holiday In Express509-334-4437
LaQuinta Inns & Suites 208-882-5365
Lucas House509-330-1136
Manor Lodge509-334-2511
Palouse Inn888-882-5511
Quality Inn 509-332-0500
Quality Inn Clarkston800-228-5151

After Your Appointment

If your animal will be staying at the hospital, ask the student to provide you with a business card with their contact information if they don’t initially do so. If you return at a later time to visit your pet or to meet with hospital personnel, please inform the receptionist of your name, animal’s name, student’s name, and doctor’s name when you arrive.

When your pet is discharged from the hospital, you will often receive both oral and written discharge instructions. If you were referred by a veterinarian, your doctor should also receive a copy of the discharge instructions. Due to time delays in mailing, however, it is often helpful to provide your local veterinarian with a copy of the written discharge instructions if necessary.

Please feel free to ask the student and doctor any questions you have at any time, and regarding any aspect of the medical care for your pet. If questions arise after your have left the hospital, please feel free to call the main hospital switchboard number at 509-335-0711.  Please inform the operator of your name, the student’s name, the doctor’s name, your animal’s name, and the purpose of the call.

Payment for Medical Services

At the time of your hospital visit, you will be given an estimate of anticipated charges for evaluation and/or treatment. An estimate usually is given as a range of costs anticipated.  Hospital policy requires payment of at least one half of the highest estimated amount when a pet is first hospitalized or when an estimate is revised during a patient’s stay. The balance of hospital charges is due at the time of discharge. Payment options are Cash, Check (personal, traveler’s, or cashier), Visa (with valid ID), or MasterCard (with valid ID), and starting June 1, 2009, CareCredit.


CareCredit is a payment option for our clients.  To learn more about CareCredit or to apply online, please go to or call (800)365-8295 for an automated phone application.  The WSU VTH will only accept approved applications that you, the client, have applied for online or the CareCredit credit card.  We will not process written applications here at the VTH and we cannot help you apply online.  You may apply online here at the VTH and if approved, we will process that application.  We offer 5 payment plans to our clients: 6 months at no interest, 24, 36, and 48 month at 14.9% interest for a balance over $1000.00 and 60 month at 14.9% interest for a balance over $2500.00. For payment with an online application (which we will keep for our records), we will need two pieces of valid ID. For payment with a CareCredit credit card, we will need to see one piece of valid ID.  If you have a co-applicant and you either apply online here or elsewhere and you bring in the approved application, we will need two pieces of valid ID for the co-applicant as well.  We cannot process a CareCredit transaction over the phone or without ID.

Wireless Access

Some clients like to have access to the wireless system on the WSU Campus while they are here.  Information about accessing the system can be found at: and


Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding your upcoming appointment.

Sally Anderson
Patient Services, Neurology

Cynthia Goodwater
Patient Services Representative, Cashier
Paula Bielenberg
Patient Services Coordinator, Small Animal Internal Medicine
Cynthia Hasenoehrl
Patient Services Representative, Records
Doug Blake
Patient Services Supervisor
Lynette Kinzer
Patient Services Coordinator, Equine

Cynthia Burnham
Patient Services Representative, Switchboard
Lisa McEwen
Patient Services Lead, Small Animal


Peter Rodriquez
Patient Services Representative, Small Animal
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