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Equine Faculty 

The Equine Medicine team provides an array of services for the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of horse diseases, including heart and lung disorders, colic, diarrhea, neurological diseases, neonatal intensive care, and infectious diseases. Our senior faculty members, Drs. Debra Sellon and Dr. Fairfield Bain, are board-certified in large animal internal medicine by the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACVIM).

The Equine Surgery team is world-renowned for their expertise in lameness evaluation and endoscopic surgery. They provide a comprehensive array of surgical procedures for many conditions including fracture repair, arthroscopic surgery, colic, urinary bladder disorders, upper respiratory abnormalities, and ovariectomy, to name just a few. Team members also perform high-speed treadmill testing. Drs. Claude Ragle, and Kelly Farnsworth are board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgery.
Dr. Ahmed Tibary, a board certified Theriogenologist (reproductive medicine and surgery), provides a diverse range of services for horse owners. For mares, this includes breeding soundness evaluation, breeding with fresh, cooled or frozen semen, embryo transfer, pregnancy diagnosis, high risk pregnancy management, foaling, postpartum disease, infertility, and behavior complaints. The Theriogenology service works closely with the Equine Internal Medicine Service to provide the best care for the mare and foal. For stallions, services include breeding soundness examination, EVA and CEM testing (samples are sent to diagnostic laboratories), semen collection for shipment or freezing, infertility, diagnosis of cryptorchidism (retained testicle), epididymal semen freezing (in conjunction with castration and/or end of life), and penile injuries/semen abnormalities.  

Dr. Kelly Farnsworth specializes in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery.

Dr. Claude Ragle specializes in orthopedic and soft tissue surgery.

Dr. Kathy Seino Assistant Professor, Equine Medicine

Dr. Ahmed Tibary specializes in large animal reproduction
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