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When required, anesthesia services can be provided on a 24 hour per day basis. Both large and small animals are cared for under the watchful eye of our veterinary anesthetists and anesthesia technicians.

Transfusion Program

Just like people, animals often need transfusions when they are injured or sick.  The volunteer canine and feline blood donor program relies on the help of pets in the community to meet this need.  Volunteers donate blood every 2-3 months and these donations are used in the WSU teaching hospital and surrounding areas to save the lives of dogs and cats in need of transfusions.  Give your pet the chance to be a hero!"

Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory

(WADDL) Since its creation in 1974, the Washington Animal Disease Diagnostic Laboratory’s (WADDL) primary objective has been to serve the state of Washington. The laboratory is an integral part of a network of tax-supported state diagnostic reference facilities throughout the U.S. dedicated to the betterment of animal and human health. WADDL has a responsibility to provide appropriate, timely results to safeguard the health of livestock, pets, poultry, and fish in the Pacific Northwest and to protect the public from zoonotic diseases. Advice and consultation is provided to practicing veterinarians, animal industry groups, state and federal regulatory officials, and physicians.

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