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The anesthesia induction room. The medical gases in the anesthesia induction area are integrated into the table  
The anesthesia induction room.

Animals recovering from anesthesia can be observed by the anesthesia personnel from the induction room.
the induction room


The clinical pathology lab is equipped with state of the art equipment for  analysis of blood and other body fluids.
clinical pathology lab and its state of the art equipment for analyzing blood and other body fluids

Dual- headed microscopes allow the Veterinary students to see what the clinical pathologist is seeing.
dual- headed microscopes





The radiology unit contains state of the art digital imaging for producing images of any part of the body.
radiology unit

A digital subtraction unit is used for studies of the vascular system.
 digital subtraction unit

ultrasound machine

"CAT" scan, (computer enhanced axial tomography)
Computerized Tomography Unit



An MRI unit, (magnetic resonance imaging)

dog brain tumor

A linear accelerator is used for radiation treatment of cancer. Treatment planning software uses images from CT scanning to focus radiation on the cancer and diminish damage of healthy tissues.
cat on linear accelerator


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