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Advia 120 is a fully automated hematology analyzer using laser technology for accurate cell counting of WBCs, RBCs and platelets. It has automated reticulocyte counts, intracellular hemoglobin, and the capability for automated differentials.
Hematology Analyzer
Siemens Advia 120
Hematology Analyzer
The Dimension Xpand analyzer provides testing for serum, plasma, CSF, fluid, and urine clinical chemistries. It is a discrete, random access analyzer allowing for standard clinical chemistry testing with the ability for adding extra tests outside the typical menu testing of analytes.
Chemistry Analyzer
Siemens Dimension
Xpand plus
The NOVA CCX measures blood gas analytes along with electrolytes, lactate, ionized calcium and ionized magnesium.
Blood Gas Analyzer
Gas Analyzer
The Immulite 1000 uses chemiluminescent technology to perform automated assays for TDM and endocrine parameters.
endocrine test analyzer
Siemens Immulite 1000
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