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ChloeChloe was born in March but her mom was not ready to be a mother. She did not receive enough colostrum (vital antibodies) from her mom's milk to help her fight off infections and she developed a severe bacterial infection called sepsis in her bloodstream. Chloe was presented to WSU at 2 days of age.  The infection was so severe that she was in a coma and was given only a 15% chance of survival even with intensive therapy.

Chloe's owner decided to give her a chance! She was placed in the intensive care unit and given intravenous feedings, mulitple antibiotics, oxygen therapy and was constantly monitored.

After 5 days of treatment, Chloe started to respond and was able to stand for brief periods of time with assistance. She was gradually weaned off of her medications once the infection was under control. Chloe had to be taught how to do many tasks she had never done on her own like stand, walk and drink milk from a bucket. After 3 weeks of hospitalization, Chloe was finally sent home!

Unfortunately, as a result of her rough start in life, she developed severe angular limb deformities in her front legs. She has undergone 2 surgeries and endured another infection in her bone but finally, at 5 months of age, Chloe is healthy and happy with perfectly straight legs.  

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