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  Help for Honus' Heart: Update

Honus is the young Boxer who had a defibrillator surgically placed in May 2003. (original story)

After Honus received the implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) in May 2003, he returned several times to the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine for programming adjustments. Many different types of ‘treatments’ are delivered by ICDs in addition to the traditional ‘shock’ that most associate with ICDs. The different types of treatments were tailored to Honus’ specific needs. Medical therapy is also continually utilized with ICD therapy.

Honus did not have any symptoms from his heart condition after the ICD was implanted.

Honus with Aimee

In February 2004, Honus developed an infection around the ICD which was thought to have spread from a urinary tract infection. We removed the implant in February to prevent any possible spread of infection from the implant to Honus’ heart. His family is currently considering another ICD placement.

At this time Honus is well maintained on medications and enjoying a happy home life, running and playing with the three children of the household.


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