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  A Family of 13

Sterling, a 3 year old Great Dane delivered 11 healthy pups on April 27th, with the able assistance of "Team Puppy," coordinated by Dr. Bonnie Campbell and Dr. Julia Brannan.

This is Sterling’s first litter. Ultrasound and radiographs (X-rays) verified that Sterling was carrying 11 puppies. Sterling had previous knee surgery for a torn ligament and unfortunately became lame on the same leg during the last week of her pregnancy. Sterling weighed a whopping 170 pounds the day of her delivery - more than 30 pounds greater than her normal weight. She was unable to support her own weight on the injured leg resulting in the decision to perform a cesarean section just before her anticipated whelping date in order to minimize risk for mom and the puppies.


During the surgery 2 teams delivered puppies. As each pup was delivered, the umbilical cord was clamped and cut and the pup handed off to one of the receivers. The puppy teams including 10 veterinary students and several veterinary technicians dried off the pups and tied off their umbilical cords. Most pups did well right away but a few needed suction and oxygen initially. One week later all pups are thriving, Sterling is no longer lame on her hind leg, and her girlish figure has returned.

Daddy Remington makes 13:)

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