Edgar, the Pelican Returns Home 

A pelican was found by a farmer near Prosser, Washington. The bird was weak and unable to fly or fend for itself. The pelican was initially presented to a veterinary hospital in Prosser, then was transferred to the Washington State University, Veterinary Teaching hospital.

The bird, now named Edgar, had a soft tissue injury to his wing that had grounded him for a long time. The injury prevented him from returning to his feeding grounds resulting in severe weight loss, anemia and heavy parasitism of his pouch. 

What Edgar needed was some good nursing care and a steady supply of fresh fish -- to the tune of 4 pounds a day -- which were supplied by the Dworshak fish hatchery. Edgar was taken out on a leash affixed to one of his legs for occasional walks and he became very comfortable around people, particularly at feeding time.

Edgar made a full recovery and he was returned to his home territory on September. 3, accompanied by our best wishes for another chance at a free pelican life. 

Good Samaritan Fund at WSU

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