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Cougar Orientation Leadership Experience


Cougar Orientation Leadership Experience (COLE) is a week-long orientation which includes an off-site retreat designed to promote personal leadership and community. COLE brings students from different places and connects them to WSU, MSU, and USU, acclimates them to professional school, and sets the foundation for cooperation and teamwork over the next four years. We are proud to be able to provide this unique orientation opportunity. We would not be able to do so without the generous donations from a range of alumni, private and corporate donors; who believe in supporting our students’ development from day one.

Welcome Class of 2021!

Within these webpages you will find valuable information regarding your first week of Veterinary School - your Orientation Week!

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The COLE program had a major impact in my life. When I read that we had to go "camping" for several days, I was definitely apprehensive because I didn't know anyone when I first got here. But after COLE, my group members are my closest friends in the program because we built such a tight bond together." Rian Calugcugan from Hawaii, interested in marine animal and exotic veterinary medicine.

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