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The CVM Teaching Academy summer program will continue this summer, but with a twist! This year we will not use a book or journal article,  per se, but will instead explore topics that will build your educational instructional "tool kit" and provide you opportunities to take away ideas and projects that you can apply this coming academic year.

The "Teaching Tool Kit" format:

  • Mini workshops that faculty, residents, and graduate students can attend to learn about the weekly topic with a specific takeaway that can be applied to your teaching.
  • The model for these workshops is that they are active learning sessions, where the topics/ideas will be introduced and then you, the participants, will create and/or integrate this information and begin to produce a product during these mini-workshops.
  • Practically, we hope that each session participants will come away with 1 or 2 take-home lessons they might apply to their own teaching.
  • Topics  will be selected to provide timely, relevant, evidenced based support for educational ideas.
  • In 2017, we also hope to address more of the “early career” issues / questions that CVM junior faculty focus groups have raised.
  • Not time consuming!!! Just 8 weeks.

This year we will be meeting once a week:

  • Every Wednesday from 12:10-1 pm in ADBF 2018 (unless otherwise stated below)

2017 Summer Schedule:

All Discussions will be in ADBF 2018 (unless otherwise posted)

Group Leader
May 3, 2017
Steve Lampa
Lunch Organizational Meeting in ADBF 2018/2020 at 12:10 pm to 1:00 pm
May 10
Erika Offerdahl
Setting the Stage for Getting Off the Stage: How to Establish a Culture for Student Engagement
May 17
Steve Lampa & Patrick Wilson
Top Hat--a Mobile Audience Response System and Platform for Student Engagement
May 31
Steve Lampa and Samantha Gizerian
Learning Outcomes/Objectives
June 14
Phil Mixter
Multiple Choice Questions
June 21
Susan Matthew
Establishing a Culture for Effective Groups
June 28
Vicrtoria Harcy
Using Peer Teaching Activities
July 19
Group Leader
Clinical Teaching Feedback
July 26
Erika Offerdahl
Classroom Management
Aug 2
Group Leader
Classroom Technology

For details on previous years:

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