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Kyla Lakin, WSU student, artist and CUB Gallery programmer

Art in the Library presents: Kyla Lakin

Lakin’s work will be on display through mid-May in at the library in Wegner Hall 170.

Kyla Lakin’s dogs and cats stare out of her paintings with trust, alertness and hope, much as they did in life. The Washington State University student knew them all as temporary residents of the Humane Society of the Palouse (HSOP) in Moscow, Idaho, before they became the stars of WSU Animal Health Library’s next “Art in the Library” exhibit.

The "Art in the Library" selection committee is soliciting nominations for future exhibits. Those interested in displaying their art can contact Zena Hemmen at

Art in the Library Past Exhibits

Victoria Olsen-Mikitowicz (Fall 2014)
Victoria Olsen-Mikitowicz, a fourth-year Washington State University veterinary medicine student, has a soft spot for the animal kingdom’s extinct and odd members. “I think I am drawn to dinosaurs because they look like they shouldn’t exist, like elephants and giraffes,” she said. “The pages [of “Dispensatory”] have such a great feel and the information is so nerdy that I just couldn’t help filling them with awkward animals.”

Kaylin Wells (Spring 2014)
Kaylin Wells always sketched and doodled, as long as she can remember. Her primary subject-horses-galloped surreptitiously across class notes, book margins and scraps of paper at school.

Claire Tousley (Fall 2013)
Claire Tousley is a member of Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine's Class of 2015. Beginning in 1999 with a cheap film camera, she advanced her passion for photography by taking hundreds of pictures every time the opportunity permitted, adding to her experience over the years. She loves Western scenery, cattle, and horses, and these subjects find their way into most of her pictures.

Diana Roberts (Spring 2013) 
Diana Roberts, an agronomist with WSU Extension working out of Spokane, chauffeurs her dog and cat to visit hospice patients - and then paints watercolors which depict the human‐animal bond that develops between them. Diana also paints custom portraits and landscapes where she hikes, bikes, and skis.

Katrina Hartman (Fall 2012) 
Katrina Hartman's photos reflect her love of photography and going "off trail." Each picture has a story, whether an escape from a hard test week, a drive home, a quick break from driving the combine on the family farm in rural Montana..  

Holly Irish (Spring 2012)
Holly Irish's photograph display depicted the bond between people and animals, and all of the different ways it can be expressed. She set out to capture these relationships with her camera lens. Holly received her DVM from WSU in in May 2012 

Debby Alperin (Fall 2011) 
Debby Alperin of Viola, ID, area photographer,  displayed her magnificent photographs showcasing the beauty of the Palouse landscape from Fall 2011-January 2012. Her photographs  featured horses, barns, old trucks, wheat fields, and more. Debby is a Research Associate in the CVM and has lived on the Palouse for 30 years. 

Heather Brurud (Spring 2010) 
Heather displayed her stunning photos of raptors and wildlife. Her photo, "Sunning," won best in show in 2007 and "Two of a Kind" was picked for people's choice the following year in the WSU Outdoor Recreation Center's annual photo contest.

Norma Duppler (Fall 2009)
Norma, mother of Lynn Duppler (CVM '11) displayed her oil paintings of wildlife and animals in the Dakotas. Norma, who passed away in January, 2006, began painting when she was 12-years-old.

Gudrun Gunthe(Spring 2009) 
Gunther, whose work was previously featured on the cover of the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (Sept 15, 2006), displayed her magnificent oil paintings of animals. She is now a practicing veterinarian in Dawson Creek, British Columbia. Her "Shepherd in Snow" painting is a part of the Animal Health Library's permanent art collection.  

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