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About the Artist: Katrina Hartman

Katrina Hartman
Katrina Hartman

October 12, 2012


4:30-6:00 P.M.

Wine, Cheese, and Fruit
RSVP Vicki Croft 

Katrina Hartman is a 4th year veterinary student in the Class of 2013, but she will forever call small town Montana home.  She grew up in the small community of Highwood riding horses, fishing the Highwood crick, building forts with her brother, and working cattle.  Always loving the outdoors, photography came easy and continues to be an excuse to escape life and crawl up the side of a mountain.  The most valuable lesson she ever learned about outdoor photography was from her mom…"slanted light makes the prettiest pictures".
Along with a love of photography and going "off trail", she enjoys deer hunting with her dad, going on adventures with her dog Molly, playing the guitar, and a pick-up game of basketball with her classmates.
Each picture has a story, whether it was an escape from a hard test week, a drive home, a run out of the house for the perfect light or a quick break from driving combine on the family farm; "a good picture speaks a lot of words."
All pictures are taken with a Kodak EasyShare 8.1 Megapixel on manual setting, which is never far from Katrina’s reach and rarely leaves her pick-up.
"It’s a process of being in the right place at the right time, and trying to have a viewpoint that no one else does.  So if you never go anywhere, or look at something out of your normal perspective you’ll never even have the chance."




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