Recognition Awards

Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 

Since 1997 the Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards have recognized staff members who have excelled in the performance of their duties as well as promoted team work and inspired excellence in others. Staff are nominated by their department and selected by an advisory committee. Awards are presented at the annual College of Veterinary Medicine back-to-school picnic and BBQ.

Outstanding Staff Recognition Awards 2010

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Shirley Elias 2010

Shirley Elias
Research Tech III
Veterinary Microbiology & Pathology

"...She has the ability to go-with-the-flow in all situations, even under pressure and in unpleasant or unexpected circumstances... She actively engages her coworkers, has a pleasant demeanor and fun sense of humor...She is infinitely patient and positive in all circumstances. Through this she inspires all those around her..."

Barb Hodson 2010

Barb Hodson
Academic Coordinator, Student Services

"Even under the most demanding of work conditions, Barbara maintains an incredible, positive attitude, which inspires others to more effectively deal with extraordinary circumstances... Barb can be in the middle of any thought or conversation and as soon as a student walks in, her whole hearted attention is directed to that person. She displays the most professional and positive attitude which is vitally important to the image of the College..."

Sue Jacobson 2010

Sue Jacobson
Coordinator, People-Pet Partnership

"..teaches PATH classes, writes grant applications and gives presentations to funding agencies...strong work ethic and sense of fiscal responsibility..Sue is careful to get the most value out of each dollar spent...provides guidance to people interested in becoming NARHA certified...empathy and tenacity...truly enjoys her job and cares about the benefits riders gain from PATH and PATH to Success...does half to 2/3 of the horse care herself..."

Laura Kinslow 2010

Laura Kinslow
Fiscal Specialist I
Integrative Physiology and Neuroscience (IPN)

"...friendliness draws people to her...No is not in her vocabulary...We need to clone Laura...Laura models the type of performance one would like in all their employees...willingness to do whatever needs to be done to make the department function...Laura is one of the reasons IPN is a fun and energizing place to work"

Lisa Lujan 2010

Lisa Lujan
Academic Coordinator, Student Services

"Lisa exudes a tremendous level of pride in her work... amazing ability to remember names...not unusual for Lisa to assist students in other ways such as giving them a ride home, taking them to doctor's appointments or giving them advice on community services...Lisa performs her job to perfection...herding cats doesn't even come close to what Lisa manages to do on a daily basis...wonderful calming effect on the students who are often anxious regarding clinical scheduling...She is the poster child for the saying 'Where there's a will, there's a way'..."

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