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Resident & Graduate Student: Teaching, Service & Research Awards

Resident & Graduate Student Awards 2008

Poncin Fellowship Awards July 2008
3rd Year Award Renewal
Jennifer Schei
Department: IPN/Physics PhD student
Advisor: Dr. David Rector
2nd Year Award Renewals
Deborah Duricka
Department: IPN PhD student
Advisor: Dr. Michael Varnum
Seth Harris
Department: Dept. of VMP, PhD student
Advisor: Dr. Steve Hines
1st Year Awards
Sandra Taylor
Department: Dept. of VMP, PhD student
Advisor: Dr. Robert Mealey
Huan Zhao
Department: IPN PhD student
Advisor: Dr. Steve Simasko
Dr. Chad Marsh

Outstanding House Officer Award presented to Dr. Chad Marsh, equine Intern April 2008

Dr. Pilar Lafuente

Dr Gherry Pettit and Dr Jack Robinette Surgery Scholarship presented to Dr. Pilar Lafuente, Surgery Resident. April 2008

Dan Hicks

Ron & Sheila Pera Scholarship presented to Drs. Sandy Taylor (not pictured) and Dan Hicks April 2008

Dr. Ron Sande Radiology Scholarship presented to Dr. Joana Coelho, Resident April 2008

Dr. Sarah Sampson

Dr. Lynne A George Scholarship & Dr Philip Gollnick Scholarship presented to Dr. Sarah Sampson April 2008

Dr. Sara Bordelon

Dr. Richard Ott Endowment for Graduate Research in Small Animal Medicine presented to Dr. Sara Bordelon April 2008

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