Recognition Awards

Resident & Graduate Student: Teaching, Service & Research Awards

Resident & Graduate Student Awards 2006

Drs. Sushan Han and Seth Harris are awarded TA Excellence AwardsApril 2006

Drs. Sushan Han and Seth Harris, graduate students in the Department of Veterinary Microbiology & Pathology were recently recognized with WSU TA Excellence Awards (Teaching Assistant) for their role in teaching second year veterinary students during the fall semester. The awards were presented at the Graduate and Professional Student Association (GPSA) Student Appreciation Award Luncheon on Thursday, April 20th, 2006. Drs. Han and Harris were nominated for the award by members of the Class of 2008 and by faculty.

Anesthesia Resident, Dr. Fernando Garcia

The Class of 2006 awards the Outstanding House Officer Award to Anesthesia Resident, Dr. Fernando Garcia. April 2006

Dr. Annie Chen

Dr. Annie Chen receives the Dr. Ivor Evans Scholarship For Cancer Research April 2006

Dr. Sarah Sampson receives the Dr. Lynn A. George Scholarship April 2006

Dr. Rose Marie Larios

Dr. Rose Marie Larios receives the Dr. Philip Gollnick Scholarship April 2006

Dr. Adam Mordecai

Dr. Adam Mordecai receives the Dr. Richard L. Ott Endowment For Graduate Research In Small Animal Medicine April 2006

Dr. Michelle Powers

Dr. Michelle Powers receives the Dr. Ghery Pettit And Dr. Jack Robinette Surgery Scholarship April 2006

Ph.D. Candidates in Neuroscience: 2005-2006 Program in Neuroscience

  • Aaron Bartoo: Poncin Fellowship
  • Scott Bright: Poncin Fellowship
  • Travis Brown: WSU Graduate Scholars Award
  • John “Jack” Hershey: WSU Graduate Scholars Award
  • Nathaneal Huston: WSU Graduate Scholars Award
  • Lindsey Muir: ARCS Fellowship
  • Pete Meighan: Poncin Fellowship
  • Jim Peters: Poncin Fellowship
  • Caroline Benoist: WSU Graduate Scholars Award
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