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  • Leonard Eldridge ('65 DVM)

    Leonard Eldridge

    Leonard Eldridge ('65 DVM) - Retired Washington State Department of Agriculture Veterinarian Dr Leonard Eldridge says some gaps in credible, accurate information still need to be filled to develop animal traceability.

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  • Helen Diggs ('85 DVM)

    Helen Diggs

    Helen Diggs ('85 DVM) - Oregon State University's veterinary school is taking over the care of about 175 alpacas after authorities say the animals were found starving at a breeding operation in the Willamette Valley; attending veterinarian was Dr Helen Diggs.

  • Elizabeth Kohtz (Quesnell) ('04)

    Elizabeth Kohtz

    Elizabeth Kohtz (Quesnell) ('04) - Was selected by the American Farm Bureau Federation as a participant in the 7th annual Partners in Agricultural Leadership Honors Program.

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  • Jim Roloff ('74)

    Jim Roloff

    Jim Roloff ('74) - Published a book entitled "Mending God's Creatures which was released nationally on March 4, 2014.

  • Trish Rogers ('72 DVM)

    Trish Rogers

    Trish Rogers ('72 DVM) - Dr. Trish Rogers and her husband Jim both got holes-in-one, both on the eighth hole, and both at almost the same time at different golf courses.

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  • Margaret Shively (DVM)

    Margaret Shively

    Margaret Shively (DVM) - For Maine's Island-Dwelling Pets, a Floating Vet Clinic.

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  • Joe Baker (’77 DVM)

    Joe Baker

    Joe Baker (’77 DVM) - Named Washington state veterinarian.

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  • Travis White ('09 DVM)

    Dr. Travis White

    Travis White ('09 DVM) - Dr. Travis White was recognized with the Emerging Leader award by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

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  • Barrie D. Grant ('67 DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS)


    Barrie D. Grant ('67 DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS) - Dr. Barrie Grant received the 2014 ACVS Foundation Legends Award for his dedication and contributions to the field of veterinary surgery.

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  • Shannon Nielsen ('11 DVM)

    Shannon Nielsen

    Shannon Nielsen ('11 DVM) - Veterinary medicine was once a man's world, but Dr. Shannon Nielson and Dr. Kathleen McCarthy are among the many women who have a passion for the career.

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  • Julie Weikel ('72 DVM)

    Julie Weikel

    Julie Weikel ('72 DVM)- Three women hiked Nevada-Oregon desert and proved life is about savoring details.

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  • Tom Meyer (’78 DVM)

    Thomas Meyer

    AVMA delegates selected Tom Meyer (’78 DVM) to be the 2015–16 president-elect.

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  • Dave Chapman ('00 DVM)

    Dave Chapman

    Dave Chapman (’00 DVM) considers himself a traditional animal healer, but he also makes time for parrots, pigs and other exotic pets.

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  • Dr. Bill McGee ('40 DVM)


    Dr. Bill McGee (’40 DVM) was 23 when he moved to Kentucky after receiving his DVM degree from Washington State University in 1940, the year before Whirlaway won the Triple Crown.

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  • Incoming Neuroscience Graduate Student, Forrest Shaffer, Receives Pac-12 Postgraduate Scholarship in Track and Field

    Incoming neuroscience graduate student, Forrest Shaffer, has received the Pac-12 Postgraduate Scholarship in Track and Field. The award is a one time grant totaling $9,000. 

  • Vicki Croft (WSU) and Susanne Whitaker (Cornell) win 2016 Medical Library Association "Section Project of the Year Award"

    The MLA Section Project of the Year Award is awarded to an MLA section that demonstrates creativity, ingenuity, cooperation, and leadership within the framework of the mandate of the section. The 2016 winner is the Veterinary Medical Libraries Section for “Promoting and Advocating for the Profession: Creating a Multi-Faceted Illustrated History of the Veterinary Medical Libraries Section (VMLS) and Its Impact.” The project was designed to be more than a history lesson. The committee wanted to ensure that the project could be utilized in a variety of ways. As an advocacy tool, the project has served to make the greater community of medical librarians aware of the impact of librarians on veterinary medicine through peer-reviewed articles published about the section. Since these diverse articles are part of the scholarly record, they will be discoverable to future generations of librarians. The project serves as a model for other sections to help develop their own section histories.

  • Darrel Nelson Receives 2016 A/P Excellence Award

    Darrel Nelson has received the 2016 A/P Excellence Award. Click here to read more about this honor: Darrel Nelson Receives A/P Excellence Award

  • Summer Microscopy ‘Camp’ will enhance research efforts of three SMB labs

    Over the summer months, SMB researchers in the Carabeo, Jones and Konkel labs will take their cells and reagents to the Advanced Imaging Centre (AIC) at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Labs in Virginia. There they will study how cells move, how pathogens invade mammalian cells and how invasion impacts the adhesion systems of a host cell, using some of the new bioimaging technologies being developed by Nobel Laureate Dr. Eric Betzig and others. The mission of AIC is to “make cutting-edge imaging technologies developed at Janelia widely accessible, and at no cost, to scientists before the instruments are commercially available”. The Carabeo, Jones and Konkel labs each submitted proposals to AIC last year and all three were accepted. The Jones lab is currently at Janelia. Carabeo and Konkel lab personnel will begin their studies in July and August.
  • Cynthia Cooper, SMB Associate Professor (WSU-Vancouver) will speak at the May 14, 2016 Northwest Melanoma Symposium

    Cynthia Cooper, SMB Associate Professor (WSU-Vancouver) will speak at the May 14, 2016 Northwest Melanoma Symposium. The symposium is hosted by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, co-sponsored by the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance and the Melanoma Research Foundation, inviting family and friends to this public science outreach event with a theme of Science to Survivorship.  


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  • SMB Graduate will pursue application of cancer research.

    After graduating Saturday, Luis Cortez, a first-generation student from Othello, Wash., plans to get his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees in order to “research human health issues and transfer my lab discoveries into practice.”
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