First Cohort of Allen School Global Animal Health Pathway students discuss disease control strategies with Allen School professor, Dr. Terry McElwain.

The Allen School, in partnership with the University of Washington Department of Global Health, Schools of Medicine and Public Health, will provide a unique educational opportunity for WSU veterinary students to learn about the impact veterinarians can have on global health challenges.

The Global Animal Health Pathway (GAHP) program teaches veterinary students about the critical role animal health plays in global health, economic disparities, and the impact of disease control at the animal-human interface. Students completing the GAHP program certification will be awarded a certificate in Global Animal Health concurrent with the Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine.

The program is currently seeking certificate status with the WSU Faculty Senate (as of June 2011).

Global Health is an increasingly important interdisciplinary field. More than 65 percent of recent major disease outbreaks in humans originated in animal hosts, with a disproportionate impact on people in low income countries. Global health problems and solutions transcend boundaries geographically and among health professions. The Allen School is committed to providing innovative strategies for the treatment and control of infectious diseases that affect human health and economic development.