Message from the Allen School Director
Dr. Guy Palmer

It’s a blustery day here in Chicago—I am in the truly “Windy City” in the immediate aftermath of “Sandy,” the storm pounding the east coast of the US. The storm brings to mind the vulnerability that all of us share in relation to our environment and our hearts certainly go out to those affected families and communities. The focus of my trip here in Chicago is also around affected communities—those in which rabies remains a daily threat and for which, globally, is responsible for the death of over 50,000 people, mostly children. While the technological solution—the mass vaccination of dogs—is in hand, the implementation of the solution remains challenging. Achieving our goal, a world in which human rabies is eliminated, can only be achieved through partnership and concerted action—without pausing to note who gets credit. Fortunately, here in Chicago we are summiting with our partners, the Lincoln Park Zoo and the University of Glasgow, to reinforce our commitment to control of rabies in the communities bordering the Serengeti in Tanzania as part of a global strategy. I also had the opportunity last week to meet with a group of young, committed individuals in Seattle to seek their expertise and vision surrounding this global health challenge. Our commitment to a world where no child will die of rabies would not be possible without our institutional partners nor without the continuous and generous support you have provided. We look forward to making this commitment a solution—a world free of rabies.

With warmest regards and gratitude

Guy Palmer
Creighton Endowed Chair and Director of the Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health

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