WSU Raptor Club & Rehabilitation Presentations

Which kind of presentation best suites your needs?

Types of presentations:

  1. Formal: Usually for special events, dinners, seminars, lectures, assemblies, etc.
  2. Casual: Usually for classrooms, school clubs, boy/girl scouts, church groups, etc., or visit us for your presentation!)
  3. Tour: Usually for small families/groups of 7 or less. (Large groups must proceed in smaller groups)
  4. Booth: Usually for fairs, community events, etc.

To request a presentation

please email us at and give us the following information:

Main information

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email

When & Where

  • Name of Group or Event
  • Date & Time requested
  • Approximate duration
  • Location & address
Type of presentation
  • Formal
  • Casual
  • Tour
  • Booth


  • Is it appropriate to sell merchandise
  • How many people are expected to come and what age group
  • Can you provide a table for us?
  • Would you like us to have visual aids and what kind of visual aids?
  • Can you provide us with a microphone if needed?
  • Will there be available parking for us to load and unload?
  • Any other question or comments you might have?

If you want instead to mail us a request please send this information to this address

WSU Raptor Club
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
PO Box 646610
Pullman, WA 99164-6610

Kotori the Western Screech Owl and his handler.
Kotori the Western Screech Owl and his handler.

> Learn more about the resident owls.

Donations (Prices)

Tours: $20/hour

Presentations (includes Formal, Casual, & Booth): $30/hour

Travel Reimbursements: $0.50/mile (only required if we must travel more than 15 miles away from 100 Grimes Way Pullman, WA 99164)

Note: Only Travel Reimbursements are required. Travel Reimbursements only go to our club members who drive to the event. All other donations are recommended because we depend on donations to keep our club alive. However, we will still do presentations for groups who cannot afford to donate. We volunteer our time to care for these injured birds of prey, and all donations go directly to their care. And of course, you may donate more than what we ask. All donations are welcome!

Please make checks out to “WSU Raptor Club”

How far will we travel?

The furthest our club has traveled before was to Seattle, WA. If traveling will take us more than 3 or 4 hours one-way, we may request to stay overnight.

Please note that if we are to stay overnight, we require that it is set up by the requesting organization and that all expenses must be paid. If we are to stay in a hotel, our birds are required to stay with us. They are not pets and most hotels are accepting of this.

Travel reimbursements are still required at $0.50 per mile per vehicle.

Contact Us!

Program Coordinator

Brenda the Red-tailed Hawk and her handler.
Brenda the Red-tailed Hawk and her handler.

Learn more about Red-tailed Hawks.

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