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WSU Raptor Club page banner showing Widget the Barn Owl


Widget is a male Barn Owl (Tyto alba) who joined our club in the spring of 2008 as a young owlet. His nest was accidentally knocked off of a stack of baled hay while they were being moved out of a barn. He was the only owlet in his nest to survive the fall. He has no physical injuries keeping him from being released, but has been unintentionally "imprinted" onto humans. This means that he is too comfortable around humans to act like a normal Barn Owl. He loves to be around his favorite people, play with pens, chase balls of paper, and is curious about every new thing he encounters. He lacks a fear of people, in addition to the basic instincts to hunt, mate and protect himself; and therefore would not be able to live in the wild on his own.

Washington State University