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Graduate Student: Brandon Roberts (Neuroscience)

Brandon Roberts

Brandon Roberts

About Brandon...


Undergraduate Education:

Current research topic:
Determining specific characteristics of hindbrain neurons associated with feeding.
This includes looking at glucose, ghrelin and CCK sensitivity (along with other drugs) in the NTS and other catecholamine containing hindbrain regions. The majority of this work is done using electrophysiology and molecular biology techniques using the mouse model.

Other Interests:
"I have many hobbies and little time! I enjoy cooking and baking; it reminds me of science. I also love music - writing, playing, and listening. Installing stereo systems, recording music; I'm consumed by all aspects of music. I mainly play guitar, bass, and piano. I also enjoy electronics, from simple circuits to the complex (the brain is the best example here). With this, I like to fix anything I can- cars, computers, instruments, people- as long as it's broken to begin with! I also like the outdoors. I grew up camping, hunting, and fishing. I can't forget traveling either. I love to see the world. I've been to Europe numerous times, but I have still failed to see the biggest attractions in the U.S. Yard work is relaxing for me because I can see progress. I've also dabbled in many different sports, with swimming/diving, soccer, Judo, karate, and skateboarding all being at the top of my list. If I've made it through all these things by the end of the day and still have time, you’ll probably find me online playing PS3 or streaming a movie on Netflix."


Major Advisor:
Suzanne Appleyard
Year entered PhD Program:
Contact email:
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