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Graduate Student: Glenn Wyrick (Neuroscience)

Glenn Wyrick

Glenn Wyrick

About Glenn...

For the last several years I have lived in the wondrous state of Washington, spending most of this time in Pullman as a student at WSU. After finishing up my undergraduate degree in Neuroscience last year, I began to study retinal physiology under the mentorship of Dr. Lane Brown. It is a statement about the quality of faculty and facilities as well as the caliber of my classmates here at WSU that I chose to continue my graduate education at WSU. I got my brains from my Mom.

Undergraduate Education:
Washington State University, Pullman
B.S. in Neuroscience, 2009

Current research topic:
For my dissertation (under the direction of Dr. Lane Brown), I hope to contribute exciting new knowledge about the molecular interactions responsible for retinal ON-type bipolar cell excitation. So far we have learned that the TRPM family of ion channels are crucial for this excitation. As with so much in neuroscience, much remains unknown, but it is becoming clear that many TRP channels may be involved.

Other Interests:
Aside from my research, I enjoy reading, politics, science, DIYing, and especially the outdoors. I frequently find time to mountain bike and play basketball, but I am most enthusiastic about climbing, ski mountaineering and snowmobile skiing. WSU also supports a Ski Racing Club that I have been involved in for four years now.

Achievement Rewards for College Scientists, 2009
Dissertation Advisor: Lane Brown
Year entered PhD Program:
Fall 2009
Contact email:
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