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Dean's Office & Administrative Staff

  Position Phone (509) Email Address
Baker, Blake Systems Analyst\Developer 335-9396
Briggs, Angela Secretary 335-9515
Bullers, Scott Info. Systems Manager 335-4057
Burch, Brandon Systems Analyst\Developer 335-5552
Carpenter, Timothy Farmer 2 335-3608
Cary, Julie Director of the Clinical Communication Program    
Chapman, Chris Director of Wellness 335-4709
Cotterill, Christie Assistant Director of Development 206-219-2402
Fax: 206-448-1336
Dahmen, Pat Farmer 3 335-3608
Fehrs, Greg Manager 335-3383
Fry, Tessi Fiscal Specialist 1    335-3210
Glaser, Kay Associate Director of Development 335-4835
Gossard, Marcia Senior Writer, Communications and Development 335-8242
Haley, Daniel Simulated Client Coordinator 335-8233
Haley, Lynne Director of Development 335-5021
Haley, Patricia Fiscal Specialist Billings 335-5014
Haley, Rebecca Office Assistant II  335-0615
Halsey, Rachel Program Coordinator 335-6015
Heimbigner, Bruce Computer Systems Administrator  335-2441
Hodson, Barbara Academic Coordinator 335-1532
Hornfelt, Karen Academic Coordinator 335-1531 khornfelt@vetmed.wsu
Jensen, Rachel Coordinator
Clinical Communication Program
Kurtz, Suzanne Dir. Clin. Comm. Prog./Prof 335-0781
LaFrance, Anne Counselor 335-4607
Link, Richard Web Coordinator 335-9572
Loaiza, Fred  Animal Care Facilities Manager 335-2188
Luft, Jan Animal Care Facilities Manager 335-4199
Malcolm, George Mike Director of Administrative Services 335-3266
Manzano, Hector Program Coordinator 335-2083
Martinez, Michelle Associate Director 335-3393
Maaz, Mustapha Application Systems Analyst/Developer
Miller, Larry Info Systems Assistant Director 335-5441
Miller, LaRae  Student Services Office Assistant 335-9515
Mitchell, Bob Multimedia SVCS Coord. 335-2624
Moore, Henry Photographer 2 335-2625
Morton, Jennifer Office Assistant 335-1365
Fax: 335-2132
Nelson, Mike Farmer 3 335-3608
Nygaard, Dean Maintenance Mechanic 1 335-3608 
Powell, Charles SR PR/COM Coordinator
Public Information Officer
Reichardt, Niles Information Systems Coordinator 335-2409
Royce, Chuck Photography Supervisor 335-9582
Scott, Rich Manager,  BCU 335-6095
Smith, Julie Principal Assistant to the Dean 335-3064
Smith, Bruce Maint. Mech. 2 335-3608
Westensee, Kurt Info System Manager 335-2113
Wheatley, Anna Assistant Director of Development 335-5389
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