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Graduate Student: Matasha Dhar (Neuroscience)

Matasha Dhar

Matasha Dhar

About Matasha...

Born August 1 in Delhi, India.

Undergraduate Education:
BS Biochemistry from University of Delhi, 2006.
BS Neuroscience from Washington State University, 2008.

Current research topic:
I am currently working on effects of leptin on hippocampal development. The major focus is to understand the complex signaling mechanism that leptin employs to modify neuronal morphology and synaptic plasticity. I also intend to work on studying how abnormal leptin levels in pregnant mothers (for example in case of obesity), can alter hippocampal development of their child.

Other Interests:
I enjoy spending my time cooking and baking and in the great outdoors on the weekends, (as much as school allows).

Major Advisor:
Dr. Gary Wayman
Year entered PhD Program:
Fall 2008
Contact email:
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