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Graduate Student: Damien Guimond


Damien Guimond

About Damien...

Born February 26 in Reunion Island. Raised in Aix-en-Provence, Southern France. Graduated from Vauvenargues High school with a major in Biology (2004).

Undergraduate Education:
Aix-Marseille University, B.S., 2008. Major: Integrative Neuroscience.
Aix-Marseille University, M.S., 2010. Major: Developmental Neuroscience. Included one year at Washington State University as an exchange student.

Current research topic:
Role of metabotropic GABA receptors in inhibitory synaptogenesis.

Other Interests:
Damien likes traveling, sports (swimming, mountain biking, running, skiing), poker. "I love Corsica and overall spending a quiet vacation in a good old, genuine place where you can actually meet with local people and discover the place in-depth. I am also eager to take part in the organizational and social life of most structures I am in. During my undergraduate studies, I was a student delegate for the university and played a link role between students and teachers. I also created a web forum for students to emulate and exchange their questions, class notes and get together outside of school."


2008 - Graduated valedictorian Summa cum laude from AMU (B.S.).

2008-2009 - International Student Exchange Program (ISEP) participant.

2008 - Regional Support Program for Student Mobility fellowship (Region Provence-Alpes-Cote-d'Azur, France).

2010 - Graduated valedictorian Magna cum laude from AMU (M.S.).

2010-2013 - French Ministry of Superior Education and Research Ph.D. fellowship.

2011 - Financial support from the Science and Technology Mission at the Embassy of France in the U.S.A.

Major Advisor:

Dr. Gary Wayman

Year entered PhD Program:
Summer 2011

Contact email:
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