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Graduate Student: Derrick Phillips (Neuroscience)

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Derrick Phillips at Disneyworld

About Derrick...

I was born on January 12th, in Pasco WA. I grew up in Pasco and graduated from Pasco High School.

Undergraduate Education:
I graduated with a B.S. in Microbiology from WSU in 2007. I started working with Dr. Rector during my undergrad years, and continued to work as a facility member for about 3 years after graduation. My research focused on auditory evoked responses to different intensity stimuli across sleep and wake.

Current research topic:

My research focuses on the auditory evoked electrical and hemodynamic responses under different intervals of sleep deprivation.

Other Interests:

I enjoy all sorts of sports; I particularly enjoy playing disc golf, tennis, table tennis, and going snowboarding. I love going to football games (especially when we win), or watching football and hockey at home. I also enjoy cooking, reading, and napping.

Major Advisor:
David Rector

Year entered PhD Program:

Fall 2010

Contact email:
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