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Mushtaq A. Memon

Mushtaq A. Memon, BVSc, MSc, PhD
Diplomate, American College of Theriogenologists
Fulbright Ambassador, Associate Professor
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences
Paul G. Allen School for Global Animal Health

Education & Training

BVSc          Punjab University, Pakistan (1971)
MSc           University of Agriculture, Pakistan (1974)
PhD           University of Minnesota (1980)
Residency  University of Illinois (1982)

Fulbright Ambassador
Global Animal Health
Additional details  

Professional Interests

Comparative Reproduction, Global Animal Health, Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medicine

Selected Publications

Memon MA, Sprunger LK.  Complementary and Alternative Veterinary Medical education at the AVMA Accredited Colleges.  J American Veterinary Medical Association.  Accepted for publication, July, 9, 2010.

Memon MA, Al-Busaidi MH, Al-Khanjari H, Al-Habsi RS. Breeding soundness examination of native Omani bulls. Clinical Theriogenology 2:25-28, 2010.

Memon MA, Garrison G, Mashima TY, Chaddock M. Fulbright scholar international teaching and research opportunities for veterinary faculty.  J Veterinary Medical Education 37: 207-208, 2010.

Cathy M, Memon MA.  Nonsurgical management of contraception in dogs and cats: Where are we now?  Veterinary Medicine, 105:12-17, 2010.

Memon MA, Liu CM, Rodriguez J, Sandoval S, Tibary A.  Investigation of ovulation induction in alpacas with acupuncture. Clinical Theriogenology, 1: 349-351, 2009.

Weston MK, Memon MA. The illegal parrot trade in Latin America and its consequences to parrot nutrition, health and conservation.  Bird Populations 9:76-83, 2009.

Gunther G, Memon MA.  International development pitfalls and successes:  Five case studies from Tanzania.  Livestock Research Rural Development 21 (10), 2009.

Memon MA, Anway MD, Covert TR, Uzumcu M, Skinner MK.  Transforming Growth Factor Beta Null-Mutant Phenotypes in Embryonic Gonadal Development.  Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology, 294: 70-80, 2008.

Memon MA.  Common causes of male dog infertility.  Theriogenology, 68: 322-328, 2007.

Anway MD, Memon MA, Uzumcu M, Skinner MK.  Transgenerational effect of the endocrine disruptor Vinclozolin on male spermatogenesis.  Journal of Andrology 27: 868-879, 2006.

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