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Christopher S. Schneider 

Chris Schneider

Assistant Professor Production Medicine
Department of Animal & Veterinary Science
University of Idaho
Moscow, ID 83844
Phone: 208-885-7390
FAX: 208-885-6420


DVM: Washington State University 1999
MS: Washington State University Animal Sciences, 1995
BS: University of Idaho Zoology, 1992

Research Interests

My research focuses on early embryonic death and its relationship to events early in lactation of the dairy cow. I also have a research interest in dairy bull breeding soundness examinations and dairy bull fertility.


Schneider CS, Ellington JE, Wright RW Jr. (1999) Relationship between bull field fertility and in vitro embryo production using sperm preparation methods with and without somatic cell co-culture. Theriogenology. 51(6):1085-98.

Ellington JE, Evenson DP, Wright RW Jr, Jones AE, Schneider CS, Hiss GA, Brisbois RS. (1999) Higher-quality human sperm in a sample selectively attach to oviduct (fallopian tube) epithelial cells in vitro. Fertil Steril. 71(5):924-9.

Ellington JE, Jones AE, Davitt CM, Schneider CS, Brisbois RS, Hiss GA, Wright RW Jr. (1998) Human sperm function in co-culture with human, macaque or bovine oviduct epithelial cell monolayers. Hum Reprod. 13(1O):2797-804.


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