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Kelly A. Brayton

Kelly A. Brayton, PhD
Associate Professor

My research primarily focuses on the infection biology of the tick-borne pathogen Anaplasma marginale. The recently completed genome sequence of A. marginale has provided a number of new research opportunities. The genome sequence helped to elucidate the gene conversion mechanism of antigenic variation of msp2 and msp3, two variable major surface proteins of A. marginale. We continue to study these genes to understand their role in the evasion of the immune response and life long persistence of the organism in the vertebrate host. The genome sequence allowed us to identify a number of novel genes that are orthologs of MSP1a, 2, 3, and 4 which are important mediators of infection and persistence. We are using both comparative genomics and functional genomics approaches to discover genes involved in tick transmission of Anaplasma marginale.

Collaborative research projects include genome sequencing of Babesia bovis, Malignant Catharral Fever virus, and prion gene structure in cervids.




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