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Just when we felt our grief was abating, we received the letter from WSU. Needless to say the tears poured again! Lefty was a mother's day gift from our son in 1993. Lefty was born in March of 1993 and died on Labor Day 2005. I've attached three photos of him: One of all Innocence (approx. 6 months old); then as a great hunter (groomed a month before which he hated) at around 3 years old and the third as a laughing senior on my husband's lap (about 10 years old). My husband, Rodney, tried hard not to like Lefty, but Lefty decided to win him over and did! Lefty loved to play ball (his way!) which meant one of us threw it and then we had to catch him to get another throw of the ball. I finally taught him to sort of give up the ball by petting him and praising him. He'd do anything for praise!

  He hated water with a passion, but would stand still to get his face washed and teeth brushed as long as he was going someplace. He knew he had to have his halter and leash on before he could go for a walk or ride, and he knew where they were. He trained us quickly. He started as the runt of the litter but outgrew both parents and his siblings. He is greatly missed. Lefty was a Jack Russell terrier. I reckon that's what made him so special!    
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