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  Chloe & Jerry Bean

Hello friends,
Here we go again, this time its our daughters beloved cats Chloe & Jerry Bean.... the first cat that passed is Chloe ( last year of complications from kidney troubles and then heart failure.... at the age of 18 years old...that was November 29/ -04 and then Jerry passed away this weekend April 22- 05 at the age of 17: how sad , but he did suffer so much in the last two months.....

Chloe & Jerry Bean
We were going to have him euthanized ( but he died from kidney and heart failure very much like his sister.....

Now they will both meet Nunzio there special brother on the Rainbow Bridge and play again..... I know toward the end Jerry was not himself and when he went to the Vets on Thursday morning, the vet said it doesn't look too good, but we will make sure that he is comfortable. But he passed away from heart failure on Friday afternoon..... Now he is at peace with his sister and special brother Nunzio.... Thanks for being there for all of us at this time... I know that our daughter will miss her buddies, but life does go on....

Grandma & Grandpa ( Nunzio's parents)
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