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  from the first day i saw him i fell in love with him . he was the sweetest little ball of fur that touched all that met him. his name was mika. he wasn't the healtiest but the sweetest soul that god has blessed me with. he was sick most of the time , as a puppy he couldnt play very much...mika had hip displaysia. he could barely walk and i would massage him daily even if it only helped a just a little bit. i couldn't afford a doctor suggested an alternative .....keep him imobolized and give him vitamin c every day......i questioned it every day.....because it made his tummy upset.....while he was still developing.....gave him the best foods...and took him to this vet homiapathic doctor who did acupunture......and it worked.....he was feeling better.......then finally i decided what he needed most was to play and be the puppy he still was........8 months did wonders....he grew stronger and happier every parents although rejected more dogs my dad said since i was still living at home with my parents....grew to be his best buddy and companion.... he became my dad's shadow....wherever grandpa went mika was there at his side... my dad loved him years went by i got married and tried to take mika to my new home....he loved me still because i was his mommy and his life...he couldnt adjust to my new husband was a bit jealous....actually snapped at him constantly...i couldnt believe that it was in his i had to leave him reluctantly with grandpa and grandma....that was his home.....everyday he would wait for me to come and visit mom would tell me like clock work how he knew i was coming to see him and waited by the door for me.....she knew i was coming because mika was like an alarm clock......well as time went on.....i got divorced and moved away to vegas...i knew deep down inside that was the last time i would see my mika....he was 10 going on 11 now....i just had a feeling.....i said my goodbyes to him and 2 months parents had to put him down....i cried my eyes out for a week and still do now when i think of him...i had a dream at least i think it was that he found vegas...i heard mika barking....he ran to my bed one moring......waking me up......i got to give him one last hug and told him i loved i'm back home on's a constant reminder of mika...sometimes i still feel like he's around...while i'm watching tv....i feel his head on my old times....he is buried in the back of my parents house and where he lay's a beautiful plant grows with his favorite stuffed toy to mark his grave....from goes on.....and on and on.........

Posted June 15, 2004     |     Printer Friendly Version

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