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Such a little pistol! I only had her 15 months, and despite her many years and health issues, she really was just a big old puppy! With her sense of entitlement, she ruled the roost. She loved to be cuddled. She loved to terrorize Babbu the cat. She loved any food but her prescription food. She was so well-behaved for the vets and other caregivers. She was so good about taking her meds 3x/day. She hated to get out of bed in the morning. She’d watch me watch her walk over a potty pad so she could piddle on the carpet. Her nemesis was a beagle whom she never actually saw because of a fence, but would taunt mercilessly during walk-bys.


  She was the darling of all the little girls in the neighborhood (until that pug puppy showed up out of nowhere). Sheba left behind her lifetime companion Huron who seemed to know it was time for her to go. As fate would have it, their 10yo daughter Jericho was welcomed into the household soon after Sheba passed. Babbu doesn’t miss her, but I sure do. I’m glad she was able to spend her last year in a good place with lots of cuddles. Thank you for this chance to share Sheba with the world!
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