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This is the story of Tinker, the cat that no-one wanted. I rescued him early February, 1994 during a time known in Juneau as the "fish kill" of Gold Creek, our town's water supply. Tempuratures were reaching nearly 90 degrees below zero with wind-chill factors. He had become so ill, that it was quite simple to catch him....however having lost my 19 yoa blue point less than a year earlier, it became evident to me, that this animal needed me to survive. He was neutered, shaved, bathed and went on several months of ear-mite treatment. The pads on his feet were scaling and peeling off - they seemed so large, perhaps swollen. The only reason that his ears did not get frost-bite was probably the horrible bleeding from the mites.

  Yes, Tinker was and extremely high maintenance pet, but the love was more than enough to cover that! In his early days, he was labeled "stinky"; but by summer, 1994 it was apparant to all that he was a beautiful, long haired, white cat with deep blues eyes ( a turkish-angora, want-to-be). I tracked down his situation, and learned that he was probably almost 5 years old, and that 3 years earlier neighbors of a vacant rental requested the Gastineau Humane Society to trap 2 left behind cats. Mr. T was not caught, and probably was a darling baby kitten, with bad manners, perhaps. He had gone feral to survive. He had many friends in the almost 12 more years he was here. He went thru urinary crystals and subsequent treatment, a serious e-coli infection, mega-colon treatment and finally thyroid treatment. He even had broken fangs, later removed, causing him to appear as though he was a hair-lip...still we loved this kitty. Yes, Mr. T was a fighter...even to that last moment as his heart, nerves, legs and pelvic were giving way. He will remain in my heart always, and in my memories as one the most wonderful pets I have ever had the privilige of caring for.
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