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I had the privilege of being Sailor's friend, caregiver, playmate, disciplinarian and housemate since he was two, when he left the track in Idaho and was put up for adoption by the rescue organization.  Sailor was large for a greyhound, a 106 pounds. He was always ready for a walk or a ride in the car until he became too old and frail to really do either.  He appeared to easily make the transition during a divorce, the two of us living alone and the marriage to my current wife of five and a half years, Tracey.  Tracey had always said she could not bear to get attached to another dog after losing a much loved Lab.  However, I believe it only took several weeks before "my" dog became "her" dog as she got aquainted with Sailor.




I hope and believe Sailor had a good and happy life; he gave us the same.  He had a long life, living to nearly 14.  His birthday would have been in August.  It's both interesting and comforting that we both hear him in the house on occasion; sometimes barking, sometimes walking across the kitchen floor. 

Sailor was put to sleep at our request and on advice from the caring vets at Chuckanut Valley Veterinary on May 27,2006.  We miss him a lot and still have daily conversations with his remains.   

Mick R.

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