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Our wonderful black cat “Batman” was found with two siblings, abandoned on a log in a slough.  We quickly found homes for his brother and sister, but no one wanted a fluffy little black kitten with large ears, a stubby tail, and huge round yellow eyes.  So, Batman joined our family and quickly stole our hearts.  We live on five acres, and Batman was an in-door/out-door cat.  He was a great mouser and had a warrior’s spirit. When excited, he would wag his stubby tail like a dog and try to chase all intruders out of his territory.  In the house, however, Batman was everyone’s best friend.  He liked to sit on a chair at the dinner table, slept with us or curled up with his cat-buddies.  Last fall, Batman became ill and was diagnosed with kidney cancer.  After preliminary tests, surgery was performed to remove a kidney with the hope that the cancer had not spread.  Unfortunately, the cancer returned and we lost our wonderful friend.

Kelly and Jackie B.

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