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In Memory of Our Beloved...


On Sept. 4th, 2007, my beloved Biggs passed away. Vista Veterinary Hospital made a donation in his honor. Biggs was a an amazing dog (Black Lab). He weighed over 100 lbs so the name was quite fitting. His paws were the size of the palm of my hand. I had him for over 10 yrs and he made those 10 yrs great. He loved everyone so much that when it was a holiday or birthday he gave gifts to everyone and at Christmas time he had his own stocking that he knew was his so he was able to have one gift a day up until Christmas and he had his gifts under the tree like everyone else and when it was time to open them he got right in there and opened his right along with us. This year he won't be with us, but he won't be forgotten.  

One other thing you see those commercials on TV where the dog is hogging the bed, well that was my Biggs. I would have about 6 inches of space and the rest was his. Mind you this was on a full size bed. He would lay his head on the pillow and his paws on me and snore, man it was great and I'm going to miss that very much, but I won't forget it.   Thank you for your time. I think what you guys do is great and one time before Biggs passed, one of your students was interning at the vets so she got to see and assist with my baby.   

Sincerely, COURTNEY

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