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In Memory of Our Beloved...


Rufus was our smooth Chow Chow mix. He was our special friend and companion for almost 14 years.  Rufus became part of our family in 1993 when we answered an ad in our local newspaper.  We drove to the nearby house and saw the playpen full of gorgeous puppies.   I swooped down and scooped him out of the playpen and held him close to me.  I went to set him back down and something kept me from letting go of him. That day was the start of a lifelong friendship that we will never forget.  Rufus spent his first five years growing up in the Proctor District in North Tacoma.   He was very smart and perceptive from an early age.  Some thought we had an electric fence and others thought he was a trained service dog.  He was such a good boy that he inspired others to get dogs of their own.  He enjoyed walks in the Proctor District, Old Town, Wright's Park,and through the campus of the University of Puget Sound.  At two years old he tore both anterior cruciate ligaments and underwent surgeries.  Our $35.00 dog ended up costing a few pennies more.  He became a big dog over the years, usually weighing around 85 pounds.  We always knew that his knees would eventually wear out and cause future health issues, but he was our boy.  He spent his adult and senior years living in University Place.  We joked about buying a one level home.  I would say we got it so it would be easier for Rufus to get around as he aged.  Rufus acquired numerous nicknames over the years, each one with special meaning and so many nice memories.   He loved to be with the people and we loved to be with him.   He enjoyed his vet check-ups, especially stepping onto their big scale and the special bathes from Felicity a couple times a year (usually after camping trips - sorry!).  He enjoyed visits from his favorite Uncle Jeff who would occasionally watch him when we traveled.  He loved going for walks with Uncle Jeff.  Rufus liked to ham it up and show off whenever possible.  He was special in that way, he brought out the best in everyone.  Arthritis set in as he aged and we did everything possible over the years to ease any discomfort.    A special thanks to the doctors and staff at Chambers Creek Vet.   They took such good care of Rufus his entire life.  Eventually he could no longer get up on his own and needed us to help him stand.  We were always there to help him.  He got an "A" for effort.  He still liked to go outside and sniff around.  He also enjoyed working on his chew sticks and cattle snouts.  He would pick them up and throw them in the air.  He continued to try and play with his special treats and enjoyed chewing on them up until the time he left us.   Rufus was mentally sharp and he was a proud boy.     The cold, wet, and windy weather the winter of 2006 was especially tough on him.  Rufus was a fighter, an old soldier, and a dog that we'll never forget.  We miss the group hugs, sweet kisses, greetings, and caring for our sweet and special little boy.  He left footprints on our hearts and now he's now running down a dream.  Until we meet again special one, sweet dreams little boy, the people love you.  Remember, - slow and easy wins the race.    

Tom & Lisa K

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