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From 10/21/1990 - 4/30/2008
Sebastian was the love of my life!  I got him when he was just 8 weeks old and he weighed less than 1 pound.  We went through 17 wonderful years together.  Two marriages and 3 kids.  Sebastian recently slowed down in his old age.  He began vomiting white froth the past few months.  Blood tests kept coming back negative for any systemic problems. Just two days ago, I noticed his breathing was very rapid.  He was very lethargic. I brought him back to the vet and they took an xray and found that poor beautiful Sebastian had 75% of his lungs filled with fluid.  He was seen to have cancer as well. That was it, my beloved baby was dying and he was struggling to get any air into his lungs.  Because I love him so much, I had to end his suffering. My husband went to get the kids from school and I held him while he was put to sleep.  We were all crying so hard - deep sobs - that the Doctor had tears in his eyes. I can't describe this awful pain that is deep in the pit of my stomach.  I can hardly bear to be in my room right now because Sebastian was always there and he shared my bed with me.  I miss him so badly!  I hope the pain will get better soon.


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