College of Veterinary Medicine

Agricultural Animal Health Program (AAHP)

Program in Vector-borne Diseases 


Program objectives

Understand how arthropod-borne pathogens persist and are transmitted with the goal of preventing disease outbreaks

Program accomplishments

Development of Anaplasma and Babesia diagnostic tests for national and international use
Determination of the role of persistent infection in tick-borne transmission
Elucidation of the genetic basis for antigenic variation
Identification of mechanisms required for protective immunity

Program support

National Institutes of Health-Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
US Department of Agriculture-National Research Initiative
The Wellcome Trust
US Department of Agriculture-National Science Foundation Microbial Genome Sequencing Program
State of Washington Safe Food Initiative
US Department of Agriculture-Animal Diseases Research Unit
WSU Animal Health Research Center


Troy Bankhead
Kelly A. Brayton
Wendy C. Brown
Donald P. Knowles
Terry F. McElwain
Audrey  Lau
Susan M. Noh
  Junzo Norimine
Guy H. Palmer
Fred R. Rurangirwa
Glen A. Scoles
Carlos E. Suarez
Massaro W. Ueti
Viveka Vadyvaloo



For more information on the Program in Vector-borne diseases, contact Dr. Guy Palmer, Program Leader

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