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Steven J. Lampa, Ph.D.


Clinical Assistant Professor
Office Phone: 509-335-4413
Office: McCoy 102

Teaching Duties/Philosophy

Dr. Lampa's current teaching duties include working as co-instruction in the
VM 511 and 512 courses. He is responsible for a block of lectures in both courses in addition to teaching in all of the laboratories.  In addition, Dr. Lampa also teaches neuroanatomy (MS 532) to WWAMI medical students in Spokane, and he teaches undergraduate neuroscience students (NEURO 404). He is also the director of the Robert P. Worthman Veterinary Teaching Anatomy Museum.

Dr. Lampa has been involved in the instruction of gross anatomy and neuroanatomy to medical and veterinary students for 20 years, during that time he has learned a great deal of what it takes to be a successful anatomy professor. "I personally have more than a thousand hours of human and veterinary species dissection experience that I believe is invaluable for teaching students who are trying to grasp the complex three-dimensional nature of gross anatomy", he asserts. He believes that concepts taught in gross anatomy go far beyond learning anatomical structures; they also provide an environment for students to interact with their peers and faculty to begin fostering the communication skills that will be essential in students' medical careers. The depth of his varied anatomical experiences greatly enhances his ability to teach anatomy.  

LampaTeachingResearch Interests

Dr. Lampa's Ph.D. dissertation looked at the neuromuscular topography of the mouse gluteus maximus muscle using confocal microscopy and electrophysiology, although he is not currently pursuing that research, he is still interested in using microscopic techniques to answer functional morphologic questions. His post doctoral research involved looking at the central and peripheral neural controls of feeding using behavioral, pharmacological, and immunohistochemical techniques. His present interests regard anatomical teaching pedagogy.

Biographical Information

Dr. Steve Lampa received a B.S. in Biology from Washington State University (1990).After finishing his undergraduate degree, he worked as a scientific instructional technician in the WWAMI medical program as the anatomy lab manager while completing a master’s degree in Zoology (1994) working with Dr. Jon Mallatt, at Washington State University. His M.S. research was on the quantitative ultrastructure of the larval lamprey gill using electron microscopy. After finishing his M.S., he worked full time in the WWAMI medical education program teaching anatomy to 1st year medical students.  In 1998 he began a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at Washington State University, looking at neuromuscular topography using physiologic and microscopic measurements.  During his Ph.D. he worked as a research assistant at the University of Idaho with Dr. Michael Laskowski.  Upon completion of a Ph.D. in 2004, he joined IPN at Washington State University as a clinical instructor of anatomy and post-doctoral research assistant working with Drs. Robert Ritter and Steven Simasko. In the spring of 2008, Dr. Lampa moved to a 100% teaching assignment as a clinical assistant professor of anatomy, sharing an appointment between IPN and the WSU WWAMI Medical Education Program in Spokane.  Dr. Lampa now has a 100% appointment in IPN as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Anatomy.

Select Publications
Potluri, S., S.J.Lampa, A.S. Norton and M.B. Laskowski.A morphometric analysis of neuromuscular topography in the serratus anterior muscle. Muscle and Nerve  33:398-408 (2006).

Lampa, S.J., Potluri, S., Norton, A.S., Fusco, W., Laskowski, M.B.  Ephrin-A5 overexpression degrades topographic specificity in the mouse gluteus maximus muscle.  Dev. Brain Res. 153:271-274 (2004).

Lampa, S.J., Potluri, S., Norton A.S., Laskowski, M.B.  A morphological technique to explore neuromuscular topography expressed in the mouse gluteus maximus muscle.  J. Neurosci. Methods 138:51-56 (2004).

Mallatt J., Bailey J.F., Lampa S., Evans M., Tate W. Quantitative ultrastructure of gill epithelial cells in the larval lamprey Petromyzon marinus. Can J. Fish Aquat. Sci. 52:1150-1164 (1995).

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