You should be able to find 16 different body parts on the dog.  Run the mouse over the dog's body and each body part will be given to you in it's Spanish translation. Learn them well and be prepared to take a quiz!!!

La nariz

El ojo

La oreja

La lengua

la quijada

El colmillo

El cuello

el pecho

La cruz

La cadera

el muslo

El pene

El córvejon

La pata

la garra

La cola



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Nose Eye Eye Ear Canine Canine Canine Canine Tongue Jaw Neck Chest Withers Hip Thigh Penis Hock Paw Paw Paw Paw Claw Claw Claw Claw Tail

***If the computer asks you to "CLOSE WINDOW", click OK to continue.***

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